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Please find my 7 Poems in 7 Days, which were written during the 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown period and which 5 of the Poems are about the Coronavirus Lockdown Situation and the other two are more about Positive Mindset and Entrepreneurialism.  All 7 Poems are Positive Poems to help people get through the tough lockdown period.

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I haven't written any poetry since I was a kid (now 42) but I was inspired to write a Coronavirus Poem on Sunday 12/4/20 and then subsequential decided to write one a day for the next 7 days.

#MikeArmstrongPoems - Number 1 - 12/4/20

Coronavirus Poem - Kick Corona's Ass #KickCoronasAss

So Coronavirus is here, it’s made us all Lockdown.

Lots of us are unhappy, it’s even made us frown!

But as the storm clouds linger, a new dawn is awaiting.

A time for fun and laughter and no more self-isolating.

Let’s cheer on all the NHS and others on the front line.

Let's clap and cheer on Thursday evenings and show them all a good time.

When Entrepreneurs pull together they can get a lot achieved.

Making Ventilators, Facemasks and lots of PPE.

So now’s a time to stay positive, and don’t let COVID Win,

Let’s stop the virus spreading, it’s time to all stay in.

Don’t get down for too long, as storms will always pass.

Keep motivated and positive and let’s kick Corona’s Ass.

Kick Corona's Ass Poem

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Written By Mike Armstrong On 12/04/2020

Copyright MikeArmstrong 2020

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#MikeArmstrongPoems - Number 2 - 13/4/20

An Entrepreneur Poem - How to make a Diamond #HowtomakeaDiamond

Diamonds are shaped in the Earth's mantle, they take billions of years to form,

They start off as basic carbon, but under pressure they learn to perform,

Alone they would stay as Carbon, but by bonding they crystalise...

They take a transformation right before our very eyes.

So if you want to stay as Carbon, keep pressure far away,

Stay comfortable and relaxed, don’t try changing every day!

But if you want to sparkle, be coveted or desired!

Get busy all day building, work hard until your tired!

When you learn to adapt and change and handle all the pressure!

You’ll learn to bond with others and life will become much better.

So don’t delay but start today and build your pressure fund,

It won’t be long until your strong, a high class, solid diamond 💎

Written by Mike Armstrong On 13/4/2020

Copyright Mike Armstrong 2020

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#MikeArmstrongPoems - Number 3 - 14/4/20

The Upside of Coronavirus- #CoronavirusUpside

After weeks in total Lockdown, we’ve had plenty of time to reflect...

On all our real values, and what we can affect.

Lots of things in life are outside of our control!

But staying connected with loved ones has to be our goal.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going,

we need to thank our front line staff, by way's that keep on showing.

We can get through any crisis when we stand strong together,

It not just now that we’ve proved that, it’s been like that forever!

So use this time to reconnect with all the people you did forget.

Learn lots of new things and have some fun, take your hours exercise and get out in the sun.

It won’t be long until Lockdown’s over and normal will return.

But hopefully much better now, with what we did all learn!

Written By Mike Armstrong On 14/04/2020

#PositiveCoronavirusNews #CoronavirusUpside

Copyright MikeArmstrong 2020

Coronavirus Upside
Mike Armstrong - #CoronavirusUpside #MikeArmstrongPoems #PositiveCoronavirusNews #MikeArmstrong


#MikeArmstrongPoems - Number 4 - 15/4/20

Coronavirus Business Poem #CoronavirusBusinessPoem

As a business forced to isolate, being under Lockdown isn’t great.

We’ve been forced to furlough staff and close down the shutter.

“This isn’t fair”, we quite rightly mutter.

However, we have to stop the spread of this disease,

Or it will rip through our population with so much ease!

How long we’re shut for, no one does know,

So we keep preparing until it’s time to grow!

If we can adapt to home delivery and the Internet,

we can keep on trading and that’s a safe bet.

But if not, we’ll keep on Marketing & building friends,

Preparing our business for when this all ends!

So whatever the case we’ll continue to stay strong,

and get through this Lockdown - no matter how long!


Business in Lockdown Sign



Written by Mike Armstrong on 15/04/20

Copyright Mike Armstrong 2020

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#MikeArmstrongPoems - Number 5 - 16/4/20

The Lockdown Choice - A Coronavirus Poem #LockdownChoice

When in Lockdown over Coronavirus,

we need to search down deep inside us.

We need to decide to live in so much fear,

Or learn to let that fear disappear!

Those in fear will panic and moan,

overeat, stay unhealthy and stay stuck all alone.

Whilst those that are optimistic, happy & positive,

will learn new things, stay healthy and choose to still live.

You can’t manage things beyond your control,

But you can choose your response, so make positive your goal!

Avoid negative people and negative press,

And anything else that will add to your stress.

Be thankful for the extra time and leisure,

And for doing more things that give you some pleasure.

The Lockdown won’t last for too long,

Then life will continue, the show will go on.

Hopefully, you will heed my advice,

Decide to enjoy Lockdown and make it quite nice.


#ABL - Always Be Learning and Keep working on you!

Copyright Mike Armstrong 2020

Written by Mike Armstrong on 16/4/20.




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#MikeArmstrongPoems - Number 6 - 17/4/20

How to Navigate the Wall! #HowToNavigateTheWall

If you can’t get around the wall, don’t get upset and quit,

Stay Strong and in Control.

Work on a way that will fit!

If you can’t get around the Wall, try to get over the Wall,

Don’t let anything stop you,

not even if you were to fall.

If you can‘t get over the wall, don’t quit because of your fall,

Just pick yourself up and stand tall.

You will learn to get over the Wall!

When trying to learn how to get over the Wall.

Gain new tricks, you can do it, don’t stall.

Use your skills, don’t give up, try them all!

Be determined to defeat that Wall,

Go under the wall if you can,

Just don’t give up, be a Man!

If that doesn’t work, then don’t be a jerk, drive through that Wall in a Van!


#HowToNavigateTheWall #MikeArmstrongPoems

#ABL - Always Be Learning and Keep working on you!

Copyright Mike Armstrong 2020

Written By Mike Armstrong 17/4/20 #MikeArmstrong | #MikeArmstrongPoems #PositiveCoronavirusNews | #CoronavirusPoem - Copyright Mike Armstrong 2020

Mike Armstrong - #HowToNavigateTheWall #MikeArmstrongPoems #PositiveCoronavirusNews #MikeArmstrong


#MikeArmstrongPoems - Number 7 - 18/4/20

Fight The Negativity #FightTheNegativity

Every day under Lockdown we hear about death and destruction,

But not about joy, success or construction!

The papers are full of negative news,

there’s nothing in them to keep us amused!

The media show us daily the infection rates getting higher,

But there not a lot said to give us that fire.

So choose an alternative whilst Lockdown days are so long,

give yourself lessons, and exercise yourself strong,

Do all the things you usually don’t have time to complete,

Contact family & friend but don’t overeat.

Take your hour a day exercise and take in all the views,

Get your mind motivated read #PositiveCoronavirusNews



Written By Mike Armstrong 18/4/20




Copyright Mike Armstrong 2020 #MikeArmstrong

Mike Armstrong - #FightTheNegativity
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