An Entrepreneur Poem – How to make a Diamond…


Diamonds are shaped in the Earth’s mantle, they take billions of years to form,

They start off as basic carbon, but under pressure they learn to perform,

Alone they would stay as Carbon, but by bonding they crystalise…

They take a transformation right before our very eyes.

So if you want to stay as Carbon, keep pressure far away,

Stay comfortable and relaxed, don’t try changing every day!

But if you want to sparkle, be coveted or desired!

Get busy all day building, work hard until your tired!

When you learn to adapt and change and handle all the pressure!

You’ll learn to bond with others and life will become much better.

So don’t delay but start today and build your pressure fund,

It won’t be long until your strong, a high class, solid diamond 💎

Written by Mike Armstrong On 13/4/2020

Copyright Mike Armstrong 2020

“No matter how hard you get hit, keep moving forward”
”Work hard to make your dreams come true”

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Coronavirus Poem – Kick Corona’s Ass…

Kick Corona’s Ass – #KickCoronasAss

So Coronavirus is here, it’s made us all Lockdown.

Lots of us are unhappy, it’s even made us frown!

But as the storm clouds linger, a new dawn is awaiting.

A time for fun and laughter and no more self isolating.

Let’s cheer on all the NHS and others on the front line.

Lets clap and cheer on Thursday evenings and show them all a good time.

When Entrepreneurs pull together they can get a lot achieved.

Making Ventilators, Facemasks and lots of PPE.

So now’s a time to stay positive, and don’t let Covid Win,

Let’s stop the virus spreading, it’s time to all stay in.

Don’t get down for too long, as storms will always pass.

Keep motivated and positive and let’s kick Corona’s Ass.

Mike Armstrong #PositiveCoronavirusNews

#PositiveCoronavirusNews #KickCoronasAss

Written By Mike Armstrong On 12/04/2020

Copyright MikeArmstrong 2020