Had a great time networking online at the Introbiz Swansea Networking and Masterclass Event this morning from 8.30am until 11am. It was great …

Another Fantastic day of Zoom Online Business Networking (2 Events down, 1 to go)!

The 3rd event of the day was the Introbiz Online Masterclass Event with Peter Wilcock, which was brilliant too.

The ex COO of Virgin Media and Author of Camel in the Tent, talked about his Sales history and his broadband history. He talked about team building, mindset and how in the early days at Comcast, he employed people with the right mind set and grew the conversion rates from the 12% industry average up to around 50% often using people with no prior cable experience but who just had the right mindset for achieving higher targets.

He gave lots of advice including the three boxes Advice for employment and for making things happen.

He said all sales guys have some or all of these but the best have all three:

1. Natural Talent

2. Good Training

3. Positive Mindset

He also said that if you wanted to achieve anything then you need to follow the next three boxes.

1. Why

2. Plan

3. Action

“Once you work out your why, you need to make a plan and once you have worked out your plan you need to take action.”

Peter Wilcock Speaking At Introbiz Masterclass Event.