The Creation of Bounce Back - A Human Survival Story

Just back from my bike ride, when I come up with my book idea and my title.

Just sitting down to start writing my book in the Notes section of my mobile phone.

Today is March 30th 2020 and I Michael Armstrong am finally going to write a book.

I am calling it Bounce Back - a Human Survival Story and I am writing it from 3.30pm whilst Quarantined In my House in Penarth Marina, Wales, UK, over the Global Coronavirus Pandemic!

Here’s an email with the start of my book - it’s now 16:00pm and I’m going to continue writing the book.

Please follow my website or social media to see how and when you can buy the book to read it when it’s completed.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Mike Armstrong #KingofMarketing #Networker2018 <>
Date: 30 March 2020 at 15:58:40 BST
To: Mike MA Consultancy <>
Subject:Bounce Back - A human survival story 2!

Bounce Back - A human survival story! By Mike Armstrong

Idea 15:00 on March 30th 2020
Title 15.15 on March 30th 2020
Started writing at 15.39 on March 30th 2020
Stopped writing at 15.45 after two paragraphs and checked name was free on Google, Companies House and Social Media etc.
Check Done by 15.55 - All ok except Bounce Back Ltd and Bounce Back Group.
Sent email so register time of idea!15.55.
Was going to create Facebook Page but slow WiFi so Do later. Also register Google my Business.
Out emailed info on to my web page title - “Bounce Back - a Human Survival Story”.
Carried on writing (Paragraph 3) at 16.05.

I have spent the past two years thinking about writing a book and have spent much of that time procrastinating over subject matter and title names etc.
Then one day whilst out on my bike in the exercise hour afforded to me by the UK Government, in the midst of the Coronavirus Lockdown my subject quickly come to me!

As I continued to ride around the bay on my mountain bike, in a rush to get back home to Penarth Marine, the titles soon come to me. I have been sat at home quarantined during the Global Coronavirus Pandemic waiting and preparing for the bounce back to come and wondering why really The Coronavirus Outbreak and Lockdown has not seemed to affect me or my mood in anyway. Then it dawn on me that I myself have been going through a battle and a bounce back for the past 8 years and mentally I had toughened up and was battle hardened so Coronavirus seems to have had no effect on me!

More to come!