Britney Spears Museum Lets You To Reenact Her Music Videos, One More Time

Britney Spears stans can now relive her iconic music videos in an interactive popup, The Zone: The Britney Spears Experience.

Spears endorsed creators Jeff Delson and Shannon Ramirez for the themed spectacle. The 38-year-old even provided the event some of her prominent costumes, including the orange jumpsuit from Till the World Ends music video and the dress she wore at 11 years old in the 80s television show, Star Search.

The exhibition takes visitors on a ride with Spears-themed trinkets in the air and all around through replicas of her music video sets. Fans can envision themselves as Spears in the Baby One More Time video by entering a high school classroom set, locker-filled hallways, and a basketball gym.

An airplane set lets fans enter the world of Toxic by strutting down the aisle in a flight attendant hat while pushing a beverage cart to resemble Spears from the video.

The Circus-themed room comes with a huge ball pit, while the space-themed set pays homage to Spears’ famous Oops!…I Did It Again video. It even comes with an astronaut, similar to Spears’ love interest in the video.

Another room nods to the I’m a Slave 4 U music video, where visitors can pose with a faux python against a rainforest backdrop. There are also individual sets based on Spears’ Stronger, Me Against the Music, and Blackout music videos.

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