Coaching Services From Mike Armstrong...



Mike Armstrong offers both Business Coaching and Life Coaching to ambitious and dedicated, business owners & entrepreneurs in Cardiff, South Wales, Wales, the UK, Europe, USA or around the World delivered in person where possible or via zoom, google meet or other platforms.


Business Coaching / Success Coaching

UK Entrepreneur Mike Armstrong can provide Business Coaching that includes Sales Coaching, Marketing Coaching, Technology Coaching, Digital Marketing Coaching, Social Media Coaching, Blogging Coaching and Media Coaching that includes Podcasting Coaching, YouTube Coaching and Public Speaking Coaching as well as his unique and innovate Success Coaching based on the 7 Pillars of Success - STREAMS Success Formula:


Life Coaching / Personal Development Coach / Mental Strength Coaching

UK Entrepreneur Mike Armstrong can provide Life Coaching that includes Mindset Coaching / Motivation Coaching, Personal Development, Property Development Coaching, Public Speaking Coaching, Fitness Coaching and Health & Well-being Coaching as well as his unique and innovative Happiness Coaching based on his daily Happiness Formula - The SMART Happiness Formula #SMARTHappinessFormula:


Success Coaching

Happiness Coaching


Mike will use the Experience gained in previously 20x'ing his Corporate Key Account Sales Team within a rapid growth tech start-up (going from £300,000 to £5.7m t/o in 8 years), as well as knowledge gained in being self-employed for nearly 10 years and working with over 100 clients, and building a network of thousands of Entrepreneurs & Business Owners in a lifetime of networking (and winning Networker of the year 2018 at Wales' Biggest Business Network) and going on to be a global networker since then, to help you become the happiest you or the most successful you, that you can be!

Elite Business Performance Coaching

In addition to Success Coaching & Life Coaching, Mike can also combine the courses and the formula's from the Happiness Formula and the Success Formula to give you Elite Business Performance Coaching.

If you want to secure either the Happiness Coaching, the Success Coaching or The Elite Business Performance Coaching (both courses) combined please return back to the Coaching Page for Bespoke One on One Coaching in person or via Zoom / Google Meet etc. (depending on location) or click here for access to our online coaching courses.