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7 Poems in 7 Days – #Coronavirus #Lockdown – #CoronavirusPoems | #MikeArmstrongPoems

Welcome to my 7 Poems in 7 days Page... Hello Readers, Please find my 7 Poems in 7 Days, which were written during the 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown period and which 5 of the Poems are about the Coronavirus Lockdown Situation and the other two are more about Positive Mindset and Entrepreneurialism.  All 7 Poems are Positive Poems to help people get through the tough lockdown period. #7PoemsIn7Days #Coronavirus #Covid19 #Lockdown #Poetry Collection. I haven't written any poetry since I was a kid (now 42) but I was inspired to write a Coronavirus Poem on Sunday 12/4/20 and then subsequential decided
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Morning Motivation – #MikeArmstrongQuotes

Morning all.. If you ever feel like Giving Up, with whatever it is, or you require some motivation, please feel free to call me. I’m available on: 07960872549 in the UK (0044) and am always happy to chat! Business News Coronavirus News Positive Coronavirus News and Sports News from Mike Armstrong – See For Business Advice follow the link or visit one of our Blogs: Entrepreneur Zone | King of Marketing | The Voice of Social Media | Networking Grapevine | British Business News |
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Another Coronavirus Poem – The Upside of Coronavirus!

After weeks in total Lockdown, we’ve had plenty of time to reflect… On all our real values, and what we can affect. Lots of things in life are outside of our control! But staying connected with loved ones, has to be our goal. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, we need to thank our front line staff, by ways that keep on showing. We can get through any crisis when we stand strong together, It not just now that we’ve proved that, it’s been like that forever! So use this time to reconnect with all the people
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