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Benefits of Meditation

I believe one of the main benefits of meditation, even if only a few minutes a day, is to allow us to create a pause between a stimulus and our … Benefits of Meditation
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Positive Coronavirus News – We have the Internet To Keep Us Connected – #PositiveCoronavirusNews

We have the internet to keep us connected… Before the internet, isolation would have been extremely lonely. But thanks to the advent of modern technology, it is easy to FaceTime & video call our loved ones and keep up with them on Social Media, making us feel much more connected then we otherwise would have. Dr Shmerling said: “We currently have ways to practice social distancing that preserve at least some social and medical connections. “People in isolation or quarantine can ask for help, visit friends, ‘see’ family and doctors virtually and provide updates on their condition.” Business News Coronavirus
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Happy Friday – Enjoy this Funny #Coronavirus Song! #PositiveCoronavirusNews

For more serious Coronavirus News please follow the link. Business News Coronavirus News and Sports News from Mike Armstrong – See For Business Advice follow the link or visit one of our Blogs: Entrepreneur Zone | King of Marketing | The Voice of Social Media | Networking Grapevine | British Business News |
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