Confusing Money Happiness Quote

Money won’t make you happy…”

How many times have you heard this?  Has anyone ever said this to you directly?  Have you ever heard anyone tell that to someone else?  Who was that?  More importantly, did the person saying that have any money when they said that?

I mean what information did that person have about money to make that kind of a statement?  What has been their experience with money and HOW did they arrive at that conclusion?  Is the person giving you this sage wisdom in actuality a happy person?  What is their relationship with money?

Now here’s where the whole money thing gets really interesting…

What’s the deal with this money happiness quote thing anyway?  Whoever told you that money won’t make you happy is 1000% correct.  They’re right.  They are, un intended, right on the money!

Look, money won’t make you happy…  but!  There’s always a but!!!

Money does pay for your groceries at Whole Foods.  In fact, money won’t make you happy, but it will buy…

• Birthday presents

• Quick Getaway

• A much needed Vacation

• Kids College

• Nice Watch

• Wedding gown

• Coffee

• Gasoline

• Car payment

• House payment

• Ski trip

• Scuba Diving adventure

• Dog food

• Night at the movies

• Electric bill

• New jacket

• Camp for the Kids

Money won’t make you happy, but…

Have you ever heard where someone’s mom gets sick, it takes 30 grand to get the treatment and that isn’t covered by the insurance?  Would it make you happy to stroke a check for the whole thing like it’s no big deal?  What about your church?  They need a new roof and you got it covered?   Would that make you happy?

See it’s NOT the money that makes you happy, it’s what you can do with it.  And not just for you.  For others.  What could you do with 100 million dollars?  What would you do for 100 million dollars?  And when?  Here’s another money happiness quote for you, “money don’t come easy.”

Here’s two Cardoneisms to take with you into the next seven days:

• “You’re going to have to do the things you don’t want to do in order to have the things you do want to have.”


• “Pay the price, put in the work, stay disciplined, suffer up, never forget where you came from, and be the example.  You can have it all, just not today.”

—