For those who are self isolating and are depressed in down and need a pick me up, try practicing gratitude. Change your perspective on the situation and rather than looking at what you’ve lost from the current change of conditions in our external environment and think about what you have gained in your immediate, local to you external environment (the place where you are currently self isolating) and in your internal environment (“from your skin in” – a recent quote that I have learnt to describe the internal you).

If you can flip the perspective and look at the positive of any situation then you can vastly improve your mental health and increase your ability to handle external forces and situations.

Please find some of my reasons to be grateful in our current situation and other gratitudes that I think this current situation brings to most people who choose to see them and accept them!

No.1 I’m a live and kicking!

Any gratitude list needs this one as it’s the biggest reason to be grateful that you’ll ever have. It was a tiny miracle but somehow you were born and as your reading this your still alive and kicking so well done – keep up the good work. Life is full of Rich experiences so get stuck in and enjoy them!

No. 2. – Grateful For Being Locked In With Our Loved Ones

If you are locked in or self isolated then hopefully you are locked in and managing to spend more time, much more than usual , with the person or people that you love and trust most in the world and when can that be a bad thing?

If you are self isolating alone then you have access to lots of different ways of getting in touch, for Free with all of the special people in your life. See No 3..

No 3. Gratitude towards connected technology.

Getting in touch with friends and family nowadays for nothing (FREE) has never been easier so let’s be thankful for technology. Whether it’s Zoom (which seems all the rage at the moment) or old favourites like Messenger, WhatsApp or FaceTime and Skype or even old classics like the phone or texting (actually utilising your unlimited calls and texts) there is so many ways to get connected and what’s the excuse , look at all the extra time that you now have on your hands – see no 4.

4. Grateful for the obscene of a long commute to work via Rush Hour Traffic?

Having been self employed and mostly working from home for the past 8 years this is a big reason to be grateful for me. Who wants to be sat in traffic and losing 2 hours of their day that you’re never going to get back? See 7.

5. Grateful for the dress code.

I’m in charge of the dress code and can choose to wear what I like. Time to get out all the clothes that I don’t always get a chance to wear and design my own dress policy. plus I can wear loads of things that don’t need ironing and that another chore gone and some more gained time. See 7.

6. Grateful for flexibility!

Now that you are in charge of your own daily routine you can decide the rules. Get up at a time that suits you, work at a time that suits you, exercise at a time that suits you, lunch when you want and finish when you want. You are now the master of your own destiny and your setting the rules, so be flexible and adaptable to a way that suits you and your life and not to someone else’s way that you have been conditioned to confirm to.

7. Gratitude for the extra time.

Now that you’ve lost the daily commute and the ironing etc. you now have the time to exercise at home or do that extra hobby or interest that you could never really make time for. I often find it hard to make time to exercise but have been exercise regularly at home with the new found time saved and the hour given to me for daily exercise by Boris!

8. Personally I’m grateful for Online Zoom networking.

Having to turn up at real world networking something that I done regularly in the old world was time consuming and difficult to achieve too often so I used to go to an event 1 or 2 times a week but now there inline I have been doing 1 or 2 a day, and now I’m connecting with people from much further away than just South Wales.

9. Gratitude for values and appreciation!

I’m starting to realise what’s important in life and becoming a better human being and more appreciative of what we do have and that can’t be a bad thing. Hopefully these sorts of lessons will enrich human being and make them more appreciate of the important things in less and less focussed on the menial / shallow, unimportant, fake and self obsessive sh*t that sometime everyone gets obsessed with.

10. Plenty of time and free resources for learning and self improvement / self development.

There are no excuses, News the time to read a book, listen to an audio book or podcast or watch a load of you tube videos. Learn all the things you have ever wanted to know and all the skills you gave ever needed all at a touch of a button or in a book!

So in summary now is the time to take action and control of your life and your own destination. You (and I) have plefty of reasons to be grateful over the current situation so let take advantage our make it our time now!

“Never, Ever Give Up”
”Always Stay Motivated”

If you ever feel like Giving Up, with whatever it is, or you require some motivation, please feel free to call me.

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