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The Happiness formula, if stuck to regularly, is guaranteed to make you happy and make you a better human being.

There are a number of happiness formulas out there including one very similar pitched by Jairek Robbins, son of Tony Robbins and it was whilst listening to Jairek Present his happiness formula, that I come up with my own. Jairek’s presentation on the Happiness formula really designated with me as I had been doing almost the exact formula whilst being in Lockdown and was having the time of my life. I have decided to spread the message of working or living to the Happiness formula as I really believe that if you stick to the Formula, it can turn you in to the happiest version of you, which can also become the most successful version of you, see Success Formula and also the Big Dozen Steps to Elite Business Performance!

I have called my Happiness Formula the SMART Formula and if you implement this formula in to your life, then I believe you will become more happier than you are currently unless you are already doing all of the component parts of the formula.

So now it’s time to get SMART...

Happiness Formula #HappinessFormula

The SMART happiness formula consists of the following 5 parts:



My Formula consistent with Jairek’s requires you to regularly have a good night sleep. I have been a consistent performer throughout my life and I believe regularly having my 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night has helped with this consistency. Jairek Robbins says that you should have 7.5 hours to 8 hours of sleep a night and I would agree as an average but I know that I’m also fine to perform on 7 hours of sleep and am also aware that I can get away with less sleep on the odd occasion as long as I have a catch-up sleep on the following evening etc. And that shouldn’t affect your performance or your happiness too much but this should only be occasional and not regular.


Jairek Robbins says that you need to be doing two 30 minutes of meditation a day in order to be in your peak happiness zone and I wouldn’t disagree that this is optimum but I was in my peak happiness and wasn’t actually doing any meditation at the time although I have since started. However, I was regularly riding my bike around the bay where I live and this was allowing me to be mindful and collect my thoughts etc. So although I believe that meditation can really help you in your pursuit of happiness I also believe you can get there by just regularly giving your mind a chance to rest, ease off all of the thought processes, collect its thoughts, reset and get ready to go again. I also believe that regularly writing your thoughts down on paper can do a similar thing as they are not constantly swirling around in your head then causing you concentration issues etc.


In Jairek’s Formula, he simply says to Exercise for 30 minutes a day but I believe you need to protect your Ability to Perform consistently. This will include regular exercise to ensure that you are fit and healthy but you also need to look after your diet and ensure that you are eating well and you need to look after your health and make sure that you are not ill, keeping hydrated and well.   All of this affects your ability to perform and if you keep fit and healthy it will have an effect on your ability to perform and on your happiness. You can be happy for a while without having to exercise, and look after yourself but it will be short term, as your ability to perform will be affected long term. Also exercising regularly releases endorphins which have a biological happiness effect on your body and your mind and Eating well can also have a massive effect on your body and your mind and the ability to sustain how you feel for the longer term. I would also add getting plenty of air and sunlight into the mix here as air and oxygen can keep your ability to perform high as can getting some great vitamin D on your skin from getting outdoors and especially when the sun is shining.


Being kind or performing random acts of kindness produces oxytocin in our body and in our mind which not only makes us feel good but also those who we are kind to and anyone who has observed that kindness. Therefore being kind to others and doing random acts of kindness or even just observing random acts of kindness can make us feel good and contribute to our happiness. Not only doing this will make you happy but I believe that what goes around comes around, so it will ensure that others are kind to you to and those good things are more likely to happen to you, which all can contribute to your happiness. Therefore if you start the ball rolling and be kind to people and start the process this is going to have an effect on your happiness, especially in the longer terms as all the acts of kings ness get brought back to you over time.


Jairek Robbins teaches the importance of having a goal or something nice to aim for as part of his Happiness formula, as the anticipation and excitement of this can increase your happiness and I would agree with that but I also believe that you can be even happier by having lots of short, medium and long term targets/goals and by you regularly achieving and hitting these targets. Jairek says that booking a holiday is a great goal to set and even if you don’t end up going on the holiday you would massively benefit from the anticipation and excitement of arranging and booking the holiday and the anticipation that you would receive from looking forward to that holiday. I would add that if you actually have a massive target, such as achieving your life goal, ambition or dream, then that would give you a lifetime of anticipation and excitement and then if you were to set lots of smaller, medium-sized targets in place which were things that you needed to achieve prior to making the big one happen then you could look forward to achieving those stepping stones that are on the way to achieving your big target and can benefit from the anticipation of achieving more things and from the happiness of actually hitting those targets more often, whilst you worked on the big target. If you then broke those medium targets down into lots of smaller targets, (daily VCV and weekly targets etc.) you can have so many targets to achieve that you have an abundance of anticipation as well as massive surges in happiness as you tick off and achieve those smaller goals, so regularly and consistently.


So if you decide to get SMART and not just every now and then, but consistently and regularly, on a daily basis, then you can be the Happiest version of you that exists.

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