InfinityX is a rapid business growth movement in the UK of large and substantial business growth via the implementation of proven happiness and success formulas for rapid personal and business growth. If you implement the Happiness Formulas and Success Formulas on to your staff, as well as the success formula in to your business then you are guaranteed to see improved performance.

The Information and processes for the InfinityX movement, and the Happiness, Success and Elite Business Performance Formulas have been gathered and harnessed during a 30 year Sales & Marketing Career, which saw a 10 years career at a rapid growth tech startup up business where I massively grew a sales team (20x growth on a sales team from £300,000 to £5.7 million) and during an 8 year stint of Being a Sales & Marketing and Rapid Business Growth Consultant with 4 years of high level Personal Development, from many of the worlds leading practitioners thrown in to the mix for good will.

If you want to join the Infinityx Business Growth movement in the UK, or beyond, please contact Mike Armstrong #MikeArmstrong and also please join our InfinityX Groups on LinkedIn & Facebook and like and follow the InfinityX Facebook Page!

For more on the Happiness Formula, the Success Formula and the Elite Performance Formula, also know as the Big Dozen Steps to Elite Business Performance please click one of the links.

You can also get one on one or team coaching or mentoring of the formulas by visiting our online Store.

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