Join us for an Introbiz Online Networking Webinar Event, on Friday, 17th of April, from 9:00-11:00am. 

Emma Cooper is a top five global member of the Forever Living team and has built a multi-million pound company through the brand. She is a world-class network marketer and as a result, has built an online virtual village with over 20,000 members in the first two weeks.

This event is sponsored by Business Step Up.

Here’s the agenda for the event.

Agenda:9:00am– Welcome by Introbiz9:05am– Introbiz Masterclass Q&A with keynote speaker Emma Cooper 9:45am– Questions from the audience10:00am– Sponsors Presentation  10:05am– Networking starts, referring to our highly successful power group format:-Who are you?-What are your products and services?-Who are your clients?-What’s your target audience for your business?-What new introductions can we make for you?-How can you follow up effectively?11:15am– Event closes11:20am– Introduction to upcoming events

Visitors are all welcome to try the Introbiz experience.

Book your place by calling the Introbiz team on 02920 291002, email or order a ticket through our shopping cart below, then we will get in contact to send you the link to our online webinar.

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