King of Marketing

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Who is the King of Marketing?

The King of Marketing #KingofMarketing is Mike Armstrong #MikeArmstrong who runs Digital Marketing Agency MA Consultancy #MAConsultancy & the MA Group #MAGroup which consist of the Mike Armstrong News Website #MikeArmstrongNews #MANews, MA Web #MAWeb, MA Training #MATraining, MA Property #MAProperty & MAN Media which includes the Mike Armstrong Podcast / MA Podcast #MikeArmstrongPodcast / #MAPodcast and the Mike Armstrong YouTube Channel / MAYouTube #MikeArmstrongYouTube Channel / #MAYouTube. 

The King of Marketing Mike Armstrong provides lots of Services under the MA ConsultancyBusiness and the various MA Group Brands including Sales & Marketing Consultancy, Sales & Marketing Training and Outsourced Sales & Marketing Services, including Digital Marketing Consultancy, Training & Services, SEO Consultancy, Training & Services, Blogging Consultancy Training & Services, Social Media Marketing Consultancy, Training & Services (including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube & TikTok Consultancy Training and Services) and Podcasting Consultancy Training & Services, PR Consultancy, Training & Services, Business Advertising Consultancy, Training & Services, Event Marketing Consultancy, Training & Services, and B2B Marketing Consultancy, Training & Services.   

Mike also runs an exclusive Global Mastermind and Network for Strong Communicators which he will invite you to, if you are from the communications sector and the right fit for the group -  Request a zoom call and have a chat for the podcast and YouTube channel if you are a strong communicator and interested in joining the exclusive group

The King of Marketing also provides lots of Marketing News & Advice and Marketing Event News, as well as Business News & Business Events.  The King of Marketing Blog also provides UK & International Marketing News, Networking Tips, & Networking Advice as well as UK & International Business Networking Events News including Business Networking Events, Business Networking Events Wales, Business Networking Events England, Business Networking Events Ireland, Business Networking Events Scotland and UK & International Business Expo News.  We also provide lots of Business News, Tips & Advice...