Employment and labour market
3 June 2020
Labour market economic analysis, quarterly: June 2020
The ONS has today published the first in a new quarterly series of articles giving additional economic analysis of the latest UK labour market headline statistics and long-term trends. The first article looks at the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on hours worked and vacancies in different UK industries.

Main points

Early indications of the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the labour market show that average weekly actual hours worked fell by 2.5% between January and March 2019 and the same period in 2020, compared with a decline of 2.2% in the period January to March 2008 and the same period in 2009.
Between January to March 2019 and January to March 2020 the largest loss of average actual hours worked was recorded in the accommodation and food services industry (negative 11.8%)
Young workers aged 16 to 24 years experienced the largest fall in average actual hours (negative 5.9%) compared with other age groups, followed by those aged 65 years and older (negative 4.8%).
Vacancies decreased across all industries, with the largest percentage decrease recorded in the accommodation and food services industry (negative 41.5%) in the period between February to April 2019 and February to April 2020.

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