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How to Navigate the Wall!

If you can’t get around the wall, don’t get upset and quit,

Stay Strong and in Control.

Work on a way that will fit!

If you can’t get around the Wall, try to get over the Wall,

Don’t let nothing stop you,

not even if you were to fall.

If you can’t get over the Wall, don’t quit because of your fall,

Just pick yourself up and stand tall.

You will learn to get over the Wall!

When trying to learn how to get over the Wall.

Gain new tricks, you can do it, don’t stall.

Use new skills, don’t give up, try them all!

Be determined to defeat that Wall,

Go under the wall if you can,

Just don’t give up, be a Man!

If that doesn’t work, then don’t be a jerk, drive through that Wall in a Van!

Written By Mike Armstrong 17/4/20

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