Spain is set to join Italy by becoming the second country in Europe to impose a nationwide lockdown as part of its effort to slow the spread of the Covid-19pandemic.

The news came as the UK’s death toll from coronavirus nearly doubled, by rising from 11 to 21, and the UK government was reportedly preparing to ban mass gatherings from next week

Boris Johnson has faced criticism for not taking tougher action against the outbreak and his government’s plan to build up immunity within the population to fight the virus over a prolonged period, rather than introducing mass lockdowns, has been questioned by health experts.

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Coronavirus deaths in Spain rise to 193

Spain’s public broadcaster TVE has reported that the death toll from coronavirus reached 193 on Saturday, up from 120 on Friday.

Health authorities said earlier today that the total number of infections had passed 5,750, with half of them in the capital Madrid.It follows reports that the Spanish government is to put the country under lockdown as part of its state of emergency measures.

According to a draft decree, Spaniards will be ordered to stay at home except to buy food or drugs, go to the hospital, go to work or other emergencies.

Spanish government imposes lockdown of entire country over coronavirus

Spaniards will be ordered to stay at home except to buy food or drugs, go to the hospital, go to work or other emergencies

Here’s the full story on the US decision to add the UK and Ireland to its travel ban.

onald Trump appeared not to be aware of the measure when asked during the press conference, but minutes later it was confirmed by vice president Mike Pence.

Trump adds UK and Ireland to US travel ban

US president appears unsure of his own decision before Mike Pence confirms move

Norway to close all airports

Norway’s prime minister Erna Solberg has announced that all airports will close on Monday to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus, Reuters has reported.

However there are no plans to introduce a curfew and Norwegians will be allowed to return home from abroad, she added.

In a statement posed on the government website, Ms Solberg said: “We are in a serious and increasingly unpredictable situation.

“Our priority is to safeguard life and health. That requires extraordinary steps. The situation is changing rapidly in many countries, which is why we are advising against travel that is not strictly necessary to all countries.

“Norwegian citizens already travelling abroad should consider returning as soon as possible, in a calm and safe manner, and in dialogue with their travel agency or airline.”

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