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The Success formula, if stuck to regularly, is guaranteed to make you more successful in life and in business.

My success formula was inspired following a presentation by Jairek Robbins, son of Tony Robbins during the Lockdown period, where he presented a 5 step plan for sustained Happiness, which really resonated with me as I was going through a similar formula at the time which was resulting in my extreme happiness and this formula is now something that I teach to others and is called the SMART Happiness Formula. At the same time, I was going through massive success and target achievement and I analysed why that was at that exact time, and decided to put that down as a Success Formula. I really believe that if you stick to the Success Formula, it can turn you into the most successful version of you, and if it is combined with the Happiness formula then you can follow the Big Dozen Steps to Elite Business Performance!

I have called my Success Formula the STREAMS Formula and if you implement this formula into your life, then I believe you will become more successful than you are currently unless you are already doing all of the component parts of the formula.


Success Formula

So now it’s time to get in to flow by following STREAMS...



In order to become successful and efficient in life and in business, you need to follow or create a successful system to follow. Following a system or a formula means that you can easily repeat what is working and over time, you can switch on your autopilot in order to get things done without the exertion of too much effort on your behalf.


If you embrace Technology the use of that technology will make you more successful than you could ever be without the use of that Technology. Technology has been created to solve problems, increases efficiency and do things that we humans can not do, so embracing it and utilising it, will increase the amount of work that we can do, as well as the number of people that we can reach and so much more. Being scared of technology and hiding away from it and its thousands of uses is affecting your success.


You are guaranteed to become more successful in life and in business if you can cultivate and grow fantastic relationships. All top Entrepreneurs say that your “Network is your Net-worth” and “Team Work Makes The Dream Work” and your network and your team, as well as your client list, are all built up using relationship-building techniques. You're never going to be as successful in life as you could be without solid relationships in place with people who care about you and your success so you have to constantly work on the building of these relationships.


Time is one of the most important commodities on the planet and the utilising of your time in the best way can massively impact your success. Therefore if you can do everything that you need to do on a daily basis in the most efficient way possible you can “buy yourself” more time. I believe that learning to do things more efficiently is one of the biggest ways that all people can instantly become more successful, so sit down and think about everything that you do and how you can improve the efficiency in order to free up more time for doing other things and see where this gets you!


No matter how happy you feel or how much you work on improving your chances of success none of it will happen without taking action and not just some action. In order to be the most successful version of you that you can be, then you need to take massive action. Your activity levels need to go through the roof. If you're taking action at the moment but it’s not getting you anywhere then you need to assess whether it’s the right action or whether you need to up the pace. Success can be a numbers game so if you're having moderate success at the moment then increasing the action and the activity can have a quick impact in your success levels but it takes maximum effort and energy to operate at these higher levels and you need to look after yourself to ensure you don’t get burned out.


A huge part of any success these days is the ability to market yourself, your brand, your business, your products or your solution. Increasing your Marketing Skills and Increasing your Marketing Activity is a sure-fire way of improving your success levels. If you are not comfortable with Marketing then you need to address your self limiting beliefs or the belief you have in the product or service that you provide or the business that you run etc. If you believe in what you are doing then you will have no problem with sharing that to the world so if you are having issues with your marketing these limiting belief issues must be dealt with. If you are not doing enough marketing due to technical issues or a fear of technology itself then you need to address this and learn how to master the thing that you are currently afraid of. The only way to master something is by using it a lot and working it out for yourself or by being taught by someone who has already done that and can pass on the lessons to you. Either way of tackling the issue is a must. In life and in business it is often the most known person, product or business that beats the best person, product or business in all sectors so marketing is key to becoming the most known in your sector!


The ability to sell is so important to the success of anyone in all aspects of life including business life. Whether it’s getting a partner, building a network, building a team or building a client database, your ability to sell will have a massive impact on the success levels of those activities. If you can sell people on your vision, on your ability to pull it off, on the benefits of the situation (the product, the service, the relationship, the solution, the hire, whatever), then you can get other people’s buy-in, which can get you what you want and make you much more successful. The Art of Good Sales is providing solutions to problems and presenting the solution in a way where everyone involved is a winner. Creating Win, Win Solutions is the key to increase your sales and improving your success.


So if you can put the STREAMS formula in to progress in your life and in your business and you constantly work on implementing the best systems, the best technology, the best people, the most efficient way of doing things, massive action - in the right areas, the best marketing techniques and activities and the best win, win solution sales in all areas of your life then you cannot fail to become more Successful.

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