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A Coronavirus Business Poem – #PositiveCoronavirusNews

#CoronavirusBusinessPoem As a business forced to isolate, being under Lockdown isn’t great. We’ve been forced to furlough staff and close down the shutter. “This isn’t fair”, we quite rightly mutter. However we have to stop the spread of this disease, Or it will rip through our population with so much ease! How long we’re shut for, no one does know, So we keep preparing until it’s time to grow! If we can adapt to home delivery and the Internet, we can keep on trading and that’s a safe bet. But if not, we’ll keep on Marketing & building friends, Preparing
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A Coronavirus Poem to help inspire & motivate those in lockdown – #PositiveCoronavirusNews #KickCoronasAss

Coronavirus Poem – Kick Corona’s Ass…. So Coronavirus is here, it’s made us all Lockdown. Lots of us are unhappy, it’s even made us frown! But as the storm clouds linger, a new dawn is awaiting. A time for fun and laughter and no more self isolating. Let’s cheer on all the NHS and others on the front line. Lets clap and cheer on Thursday evenings and show them all a good time. When Entrepreneurs pull together they can get a lot achieved. Making Ventilators, Facemasks and lots of PPE. So now’s a time to stay positive, and don’t let
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