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  Most Popular This Week   Facebook Adds New COVID-19 Information Panel to the Top of All User News Feeds   Facebook is adding a new COVID-19 information panel to the top of all user News Feeds, while it’s also making Facebook Workplace available for free to government agencies and emergency services.     Facebook Is Testing a New Option Which Would Connect Brand Loyalty Programs to In-App Activity   Facebook recently launched a new program which enables users to connect their brand loyalty programs to their Facebook activity, adding a new way for brands to incentivize engagement.     Snapchat
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As the novel coronavirus continues to take a human and economic toll across the world, the lucrative business of tech conferences is not immune.  The direct economic loss from the cancellation of major tech conferences like Google I/O, Facebook’s F8 event, and Mobile World Congress over coronavirus has already passed $500 million, according to estimates the data intelligence company PredictHQ pulled for Recode. That number doesn’t even include what event organisers like Facebook itself would have made from the event. The figure just covers the losses to airlines, hotels, restaurants, and transportation providers that would normally make money from attendees’ purchases.  Some $480 million —
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