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  Most Popular This Week   Facebook Adds New COVID-19 Information Panel to the Top of All User News Feeds   Facebook is adding a new COVID-19 information panel to the top of all user News Feeds, while it’s also making Facebook Workplace available for free to government agencies and emergency services.     Facebook Is Testing a New Option Which Would Connect Brand Loyalty Programs to In-App Activity   Facebook recently launched a new program which enables users to connect their brand loyalty programs to their Facebook activity, adding a new way for brands to incentivize engagement.     Snapchat
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Facebook’s Social Media Accounts we’re temporarily hacked 🖥💼🇺🇸

Facebook’s social media accounts were temporarily taken over by a group of hackers on Friday afternoon. The hacking group OurMine posted on the Twitter and Instagram accounts for Facebook and Messenger, writing “even Facebook is hackable”. The accounts have now been restored. OurMine claims its attacks are an attempt to show cyber vulnerabilities. In January it hijacked over a dozen accounts for teams in the US National Football League. The group posted a statement on Facebook’s Twitter account. “Hi, we are OurMine. Well, even Facebook is hackable but at least their security is better then Twitter.” It also hijacked the
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