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Personal Development and Life Coaching Episode from the Mike Armstrong Podcast #YouCanDoIt

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: How to build up your confidence levels. Awesome Advice from UK Entrepreneur & Speaker #MikeArmstrong–Awesome-Advice-from-UK-Entrepreneur–Speaker-MikeArmstrong-egiols
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Take a Look At & Please Subscribe To The Mike Armstrong YouTube Channel Enjoy Business & Life Coaching Videos as well as Sales, Marketing, Blogging, Podcasting, Networking and Entrepreneurship videos from Mike Armstrong and other Entrepreneurs, Motivators and Personal Development Coaches and Mentors on the Mike Armstrong YouTube Channel #MikeArmstrong #MikeArmstrongVideos #MikeArmstrongYouTube — view and subscribe on
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How To Fall Asleep Faster & Sleep Better – 5 Tips For Getting a Good Night Sleep

1. Get into a daily routine With everything happening at the moment, it’s likely your normal routine has been disrupted. But having a regular sleeping pattern is really important for good sleep. It may be harder to do right now, but if you can wake up, wind down and go to bed around the same time each day, it will really help. If possible, avoid napping too. Remember, your sleep routine starts before you actually get into bed, so build in time every evening to wind down – and try to switch off from your tech. Things like reading, gentle
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