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7 Poems in 7 Days – #Coronavirus #Lockdown – #CoronavirusPoems | #MikeArmstrongPoems

Welcome to my 7 Poems in 7 days Page... Hello Readers, Please find my 7 Poems in 7 Days, which were written during the 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown period and which 5 of the Poems are about the Coronavirus Lockdown Situation and the other two are more about Positive Mindset and Entrepreneurialism.  All 7 Poems are Positive Poems to help people get through the tough lockdown period. #7PoemsIn7Days #Coronavirus #Covid19 #Lockdown #Poetry Collection. I haven't written any poetry since I was a kid (now 42) but I was inspired to write a Coronavirus Poem on Sunday 12/4/20 and then subsequential decided
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