Business networks and networking groups in the UK:

Explore our list of UK business networks that exist around the UK offering access for business leaders and entrepreneurs to meet, network, build relationships, gain support, knowledge and advice and do business

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As a business owner or Entrepreneur one of most valuable resources you can possess is an extensive and well-qualified support network.

You may be looking to network with investors for funding and advice / experience from prior startups.

It may be that you are looking for a group where you can network and find other entrepreneurs with supply, to sell to or for Collaborations.

Whatever your aim having a versatile and wide-ranging support network can be extremely helpful when setting up a small businesses, running a startup or looking to grow an established business.

There is a range of organisations and business networks providing support and links for UK based business owners & entrepreneurs.

Being an active member of networks can lead to new business opportunities, sales and investment.

Institute of Directors (IOD)

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The Institute of Directors (IOD) is a national business network for UK Directors. IOD is one of Britain’s most respected business networks, and to become a member you must be a director of a company.

The directors network includes some of Britain’s most powerful business owners and entrepreneurs.

They have locations across the country and run a range of events and programs. The IOD is Arguably one of the best business networks to join in the UK.

Network Location: UK & Ireland

Pricing: £640 a year, (£220 of which is a joining fee – as of January, 2020).

Contact/ Apply: You can find out more about membership and apply here.

First Tuesday

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First Tuesday is a vast network operating across the UK. The network operates individual networking events across the country on the first Tuesday of every month.

Network Location: UK

Networking Pricing: Depends on the event, local networking groups are generally free.

Contact/ Apply: You can reach them here.

British Chambers of Commerce

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The British Chambers of Commerce is one the oldest and most respected business networking organisations in the country. 100’s of chambers are setup across the UK connecting local business owners and Entrepreneurs with other members and business knowledge & services.

Network Location: Around the UK & Ireland

Networking Pricing: Membership fees can vary depending on your local chamber.

Contact/ Apply: You can contact your local chamber by searching for them on Google, or you can reach the national body here. You can also find the national events list on the link.

Federation of Small Business (FSB)

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With over 200,000 members across 33 regions and 188 branches, the FSB is one of the most joined and wide reaching business groups for networking, events and more.

Network Location: UK & Ireland

Networking Pricing: From £177 (including £30 joking fee) a year (as of January 2020)

Contact/ Apply: You should search for your local group on Google or can contact the national body here.

Introbiz is Wales’ largest business networks, with hundreds of members across South Wales, being members of their original Cardiff Network and there New Swansea & West Wales Franchise.

Introbiz also have a Franchise in Sweden and also do a number of high level corporate networking events around the UK, Europe and Beyond including Networking Events on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, as well as other Sir Richard Branson connected events and Corporate Hospitality Sporting Events.

In addition to their UK Business Networks and European Business Networks, Introbiz also host UK Business Expo’s & European Business Expo’s.

Network Location: Wales, UK & Sweden, with some International Events.

Networking Pricing: Membership starts from £399+vat per year and expo stand pricing starts at £699.

Contact / Apply: You can find out more about membership and expo stands online or call Mike on 07960 872549 for more info.

Supper Club

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The Supper Club is a membership club for high-growth entrepreneurs above £1m turnover. A highly vetted membership process means the Supper Club brings together some of Britain’s leading entrepreneurs.

Network Location: London, England

Networking Pricing: On Application

Contact/ Apply: They primarily run events in London, you can contact them here.


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Ashoka is one of the worlds leading organisations and networks for social entrepreneurs, with in excess of 3,000 fellows worldwide.

Pricing: Unknown, presumed free but application process is highly vetted.

Contact/ Apply: You can reach them here.

National association of college and university entrepreneurs (Nacue)

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Nacue has a vast network, array of events and societies supported by them. Nacue is a great organisation for young entrepreneurs in education to join by sheer numbers alone.

Network Location:

Networking Pricing: Free

Contact/ Apply: Typically you can join a Nacue society at your university of FE college, you can also attend national events. They also have an online forum/ networking site dedicated to entrepreneurs.


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Enactus is the largest on campus student group in the world. Each chapter typically at a college/ University focuses on running a social enterprise that works across a range of areas.

Network Location: UK

Networking Pricing: Free

Contact/ Apply: You can find your university SIFE Chapter or contact the national body for direct contact.

Elevation Networks

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Setup as a youth employment charity, Elevation Networks is setup to work with people aged 11-25 and underrepresented groups in the labour market.  They offer a great network for students entrepreneurs and graduates, also running a series of events and educational programs

Network Location: UK Universities

Networking Pricing: Free

Contact/ Apply: You can find out more here.

If you would like to add your business network to our list and want to discuss pricing please call Mike on 07960 872549.