Property Advice from the UK’s Leading Property Entrepreneur, Kevin Green…

Who is Kevin Green?

Kevin Green shares property investment tips with Abode!

You may know Welsh Entrepreneur, Kevin Green from the Channel 4 television programme, The Secret Millionaire.

Kevin, from Llanelli in Wales, is the UK’s largest buy to let landlord.

Having been homeless back in 1984 he has been on a professional and personal journey that has seen him rise to the very top of the property & business world.

Kevin’s passion now, is to educate and share his knowledge so that others can achieve success.

His speciality talks include motivation, empowerment and coaching and he enjoys giving businesses and organisations an insight into what it takes to become successful in the business world.

We have compiled the very best of Kevin Green’s tips for you.

Kevin Green Property Advice

Property Investment Tips No 1

Do you have capital adequacy? Why would you need capital adequacy?

Have you got a strategy for your property investment? I know we all want to build a portfolio but is there a certain way to go about it. In this short recording here, Kevin Green talks about a simple strategy he applied when building his portfolio.


Tip No 2 – Kevin Green shares his property investment strategies

Have other businesses alongside your property business. Listen here to how Kevin, a multi multi millionaire sets up his businesses and how he uses them to clear loans on his property business.


Tip No 3 – Download Kevin Green’s FREE APP to help with your figures!

Kevin does not want to hold a property with a buy to let mortgage on it for longer than ten years!? Interesting fact!


Tip No – 4 Kevin Green on Family houses v HMO’s?

What to buy – Family houses or HMO’s? Hear from Kevin the pros and cons of both in this audio tip


Kevin Green Tip No 5 – The Queen Mum & Inheritance Tax

Are you planning ahead for the future, it is important to be aware of IT and how you can mitigate it.


Kevin Green Tip No 6 – What makes a successful entrepreneur?

In Kevin’s opinion entrepreneurs must be extremely grounded. You must be very clear on what you want to achieve, have a listen here


Kevin Green Tip No 7 – Special tips from Robert Kiyosaki & Richard Branson

Listen now to some key tips from Kevin on how he achieves such success, hear quotes from none other than Rich Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki and Richard Branson that Kevin has learned first hand.


Kevin Green Tip No 8 – Choose your networking wisely

Kevin advises us to choose our networking wisely and gives support to The Manchester Property Meet.